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The most aggressive way to create a productive marketing force is through UAMR\'s REP SEARCH PROGRAM or the UAMR CONSULTING PROGRAM.

  • Rep Search Program: After reviewing a manufacturer\'s product, a search is conducted to locate the reps that best meet the needs of the manufacturer. As a result of this search, we provide qualified rep recommendations. These rep recommendations are provided throughout your membership. Annual fee for membership including all services: Associate Member $895

  • Consulting Program: We take the work of selecting the reps out of your hands and make it our business to create a strong sales force for your company with a network of reps who are professional & qualified. Through this program, we talk with each individual rep group to determine if they meet the key criteria for representing your products & secure their interest in representing your products. Contact UAMR for details on this program.

Each UAMR Membership entitles you to:

  • Rep Search Program
  • Associate Portfolio -
    "Guidelines for Selecting & Working with Reps"
  • Commission Rates, Services provided, etc.
    Recommended Sales Agreements
  • UAMR Monthly Bulletin
  • Free advertising with designated programs


UAMR Mfr. Bev Honchar,
Scents & Seasons of Canada,
at the Atlanta Gift Show.