Karen Mazzola
Karen Mazzola, UAMR Executive Director at Atlanta trade show with UAMR manufacturer

The United Association Manufacturers' Representatives (UAMR), established in 1965, is a leading manufacturer and rep association that concentrates on bringing both parties together for mutual benefit.

UAMR is used by hundreds of manufacturers as their #1 source for reps.

Although UAMR started mostly as a rep association, it quickly evolved into working closely with manufacturers resulting in a win-win for both parties. Through our hands-on approach to helping manufacturers create a strong rep network, UAMR reps consistently develop long lasting relationships with deserving companies.

My father, H. Keith Kittrell, started UAMR back at a time, when he felt there was a need for an association that would work hard for its members and help them succeed through manufacturer-rep connections, information/ education, advise and consultation. As a result, manufacturers & reps worldwide continue to benefit from UAMR services.

We invite you to join and see what hundreds of manufacturers & reps have found- UAMR gets results!


Karen Kittrell Mazzola
Executive Director
United Association Manufacturers' Representatives