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Manufacturers know the value of UAMR's Services:

"Thanks for all your help - reps right on target!

Darren Talbert, Foster Grant, Rhode Island

" We owe this all to you! ...We have a broad range of products and with Karen's help we were able to connect with a great group of sales reps to boost sales. UAMR is a wonderful resource to help you establish a sales team to match your product offering."

Dan Collins, BCOWW Dallas, TX

"Thanks so much Karen, I'm really pleased at the quality and good fit of the reps you have forwarded to me. You are a rep magnet!"

Kari Warberg Earth-Kind, Inc. Bismarck, ND (UAMR Consulting Program)

"...Thanks for all your help - These are great reps!"

Liz Cravens, Maytag Corporation, Newton, IA (UAMR Consulting Program)

"It was a pleasure working with you and UAMR. UAMR is a top notch organization and I wish you the best."

Duane Peiffer, The Hoover Co. No. Canton, OH (UAMR Consulting Program)

"Thanks for your assistance in this overall search effort... we've now got one very large and important piece of geography potentially covered."

Rick Norris; Cardew/ Poole Pottery, Bernardsville, NJ

"UAMR has helped us find some of the finest reps in the United States. We highly recommend UAMR to manufacturers who are looking for qualified reps."

David Finestein, History & Heraldry, United Kingdom

" I want to thank UAMR and Karen Mazzola for their excellent effort in helping LED Technologies, LLC find manufactures reps for our medical product. As a young, small company we did not have the experience or time to find our own manufactures reps. Karen and UAMR worked closely with me to define who we needed and then she provided a qualified list of reps that would fit our needs. We are very impressed with UAMR's resources and its ability to match our needs with appropriate rep organizations. This saved us a tremendous amount of time, plus we feel very comfortable that we were provided with the best options available. I highly recommend UAMR to any organization needing Manufacture Reps to help market and sell their products."

Director of Sales & Marketing LED Technologies, LLC

"...You are sooooo fast at responding, I wish everyone was like you !"

John Demo, Montesino Bracelet Company, Ft.Lauderdale, FL

" Karen is a seasoned professional and a very hard worker. And, she has the "biggest rolodex" (database) in the country. More specifically she will indeed add value in your search for a solid Rep team. UAMR has a solid recommendation from me. Our experience was quite positive. "

Gene Lovell, Greeting Pen Company, Franklin, TN (UAMR Consulting Program)

" Karen's enthusiastic approach and her ability to provide consistent results make her the best choice for recruiting qualified sales representatives for any business."

David Vyn, VP Sales & Marketing, Vyn Flowers, Inc. Ontario, Canada (UAMR Consulting Program)

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